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We buy and sell fresh Casco Bay seafood from local fishermen.
Gurnet Trading is located on Route 24, 3 miles South of Cook's Corner on the right.
Sun. - Thur. ~ 10 to 6
Fri. - Sat. ~ 9 to 7
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We ship our seafood FedEx all over the United States
We ship/pack Lobsters/Seafood to travel. Call ahead to have your order ready! (207) 729-7300
For more information:
Gurnet Trading Co.
602 Gurnet Road
Route #24
Brunswick, Maine 04011
Phone: (207) 729-7300

Gurnet Trading Co. has been in the wholesale business shipping lobsters and clams across the country for 14 years. We buy and sell fresh Casco Bay seafood from local fishermen. Some of the items we carry; Lobsters, Clams (Local Steamers), Crabs, Cherrystones, Casco Bay Scallops, Gulf of Maine Haddock, Fresh Picked Crabmeat, Halibut, Fresh Tuna (seasonal), Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Sweet Maine Shrimp (seasonal), Fresh Cooked Crabclaws.


Mill Ledge Seafood "Your Direct Connection With The Sea"

"Our Wholesale Facility"

Specializing in native seafood products harvested in Casco Bay Maine. We pride themselves on a high quality of standards. Ocean products are harvested daily and moved to market within hours to insure absolute freshness that our customers deserve. Products that do not move immediately are put back in live holding pens at a wharf and facility in the same Casco Bay waters that they live in (this is not to be confused with others' high tech tanks with artificial sea water). We are a small and growing family operated company that has set its goal to provide to our customers, big and small, the very best the ocean has to offer. We are harvesters themselves and work directly with harvesters of Casco Bay to watchdog our products and the environment.
Product List: The following list are products that Gurnet Trading for Mill Ledge Seafood receives directly at their docks. Some items are seasonally guided by regulations and laws, more detailed lists supplied upon request.
our boats tie up at our docks and sell direct. Lobsters are kept crated in the ocean, not tanks, up until the time they go to market.
Lobster Meat
fresh picked whole tails and claw meat
these are kept the same as lobsters. We also have crab meat
caught in icy cold North Atlantic waters. This item can be purchased many different ways to include whole, heads off w/shell, meats only, and cooked w/shell on.
we have both European (belon) and the American oyster. Both are sold in shell.
these are giant sea scallops hand harvested by our divers. We deal in several sizes including u-6/10, 10-20, etc. according to customers specifications.
our mussels are the deep blue variety harvested in the wild, not farm fed and raised.
soft shell clams dug from Harpswell flats by our harvesters. These can also come to the customer shucked, meats only.
these are the waved whelk and are sold live in the shell.
caught fresh and delivered daily to us. Some of the species we handle include haddock, flounder, grey sole, etc. These fish can be purchased whole or as filets.
If there are any products that interest you but we do not have listed, please ask us.


Hand-Crafted Dorys
We also offer hand made Dorys, which make beautiful gifts for any occasion. These are planters that go on the side of a building. They can be any color.
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