Alex Stenchfield - New Owner

Welcome to Cobbosee Market!

Come in to our store and pick up a live Maine lobster caught off the shores of Maine each day and delivered to our store.

We also ship one or several lobsters to anywhere in the United States with special care so that your lobsters will get to you alive and ready to enjoy with family and friends. We are now a State of Maine Liquor Store, stop in and see our new look!


Some Advice on lobster
Here are a few basic tips for choosing the best quality live lobster:

Color: Quality live lobsters are most commonly greenish brown/black, but can also be blue, yellow, red or very rarely white. Color does not affect flavor or texture.

Activity: Live lobsters should be active with their claws held up (not hanging limply) and with their tails curled under them.

Appearance: Black marks or holes in the shell are the result of wear and tear, or indicate an older lobster has not recently shed its shell. They are not harmful in any way.

Hard or New?: Choose hard or new shell lobster, depending on your preference. Hard shells are fuller, but require utensils to gain access to the meat. New shell lobsters have recently molted (shed their old shell) and are growing into their new shells. A lobster increases in size by about 20% with each molt.


Visit our Store!

While in our store, you can pick up what you should need in groceries and we also carry a large cooler with milk, eggs, cheeses, soda and all brands of your favorite ice cold beer.

We also have a large selection of fresh sandwiches.

We now have a new seating section for you to sit and enjoy your meal!


If you really want to enjoy every mouthwatering morsel, follow these simple instructions:

1. A fresh Maine lobster ready to eat

2. Make sure you are wearing appropriate clothes (i.e. skip the fancy outfits) or don a bib. Twist off the eight small legs. Suck out the meat and juices. Crunching down on the legs helps.

3. Twist off the claws

4. Crack the claws then take out the meat. Don't miss the slivers of meat in the claw's "thumbs".

5. Tear and twist off the tail from the body. Break off the flippers and treat them in the same manner as the small legs. Now you can get the tail meat out. Place your thumb on the back of the tail where the flippers were and push hard. The tail meat will shoot out the front.

6, Separate the back of the body and eat the green tomalley (optional). Crack the body open sideways and remove the last vestiges of meat. Congratulations! You now eat lobstah like a native!

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