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How to Cook Lobsters

Live lobster can be boiled, steamed, grilled or baked. Cooking a lobster longer than the recommended times usually makes the meat too tough. When properly cooked, lobster meat is a creamy white and shells are bright red.

Do not worry about cooking lobsters, they have ganglionic nervous system so they do not feel "pain" the same way we do (central nervous system).


Barney's South Side Barney's new location in Standish on the corner of Route 114 and 35. Opening on Father's Day weekend. We will be catering all of you who are on the go. This is your one-stop for Live Maine Lobsters and Clams.

Business Hours
Sunday - Thursday
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Friday - Saturday
10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

If you are new to the area, we carry Sebago Lake Maps. We know that you will want an aerial view of the area so you will know where you are at all times.

Welcome to Barney's Seafood!
Barney's Seafood Market has been serving the Sebago Lake Area for over 16 years from the same location. We are proud to say that our fresh seafood is the reason our customers keep coming back. When you stop in, you will only find the best and freshest Lobsters and Fish. Our Dry Scallops have no water or chemicals added, our Haddock is always fresh, not frozen.

The World's Finest Seafood Shipped to You Overnight!

We also have a beautiful collection of crafts!

Stop in and say hello, we're more than happy to make sure you get the best service in the area!
General lobster anatomy
Did you know???

That a lobster can regenerate Legs, Claws, and Antennae. In fact, they can amputate their own claws and legs to escape from danger.

Clam Lovers

For all of you Clam lovers, you will be glad to know that we carry Mud Steamers, as you know, that means you will not get small rocks or gravel when enjoying our Tender Steam Clams.


(shed their shells) to grow. They secrete enzymes that soften the shell and connective shell joints. The shell splits up the back and the creature backs out leaving it behind...including the membrane that covered the eyes. They will increase their size by about 20% at every molt. By the time a lobster is of legal size, it will have molted about 20-25 times, averaging 4-5 molts a year. After a molt the animal is vulnerable because the new shell is very soft. It will hide among the rocks on the bottom for 6-8 weeks until its shell hardens enough to offer some protection.

Fish Lovers

For all of you Fish lovers, we have Salmon Steaks and Swordfish Steaks available fresh every day.

Lobster Rolls
Our Lobster Rolls are made fresh while you wait, and to round off your favorite Maine seafood treat, you will want to take home some of our own Homemade Chowder.





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