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Augusta Seafood Store
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As a family owned-and-operated business since 1976, we have grown to be recognized as central Maine's PREMIER SEAFOOD MARKET.
Located with the Capital city (Augusta), at the intersection of busy ROUTES 201 and 3, and just 1/2 mile south of the new bridge from I95 to Belfast, we graciously offer our goods and hospitality to many seasonal tourists year after year. Our success is based on this friendly relationship with our valued customers.
Our lobsters and seafood selection are caught off the coast of New England in our cold waters.
We pride ourselves in giving you the best Live lobsters and clams with every order. So impress your friends and family with a traditional Maine Lobster Feast.
When you're in town, make sure to come in and say hello to The Benedicts, we are a family operated market handed down from generation to generation. We're your online seafood superstore!
Lobsters Shipped Nationwide:
We will pack and ship lobsters overnight from our packing facility in Maine anywhere in the United States, just call us at (207) 622-6951 or Toll Free: 1-888-690-7274 for prices and details on how to get live, fresh, Maine lobsters or Clams for your clambake. You can also order Crab Legs, Haddock, Shrimp, Lobster Claws, Clear Lobster Meat, Tails, Knuckles and much more fresh fish from our seafood market.
Did you know??
As a lobster grows, it sheds its shell, increasing in weight by 25% each time, and a lobster will shed its shell 24 times the first year.
A lobster that has lost a claw in a fight is called a "cull"
A lobster is approximately 7 years old before it is legal to harvest, and it will weigh about 1 pound.
A lobster takes 18 to 24 months to develop from time of impregnation to the hatching of the egg.
An older lobster only molts every four to five years.
A lobster is the size of a mosquito when it leaves the female's body.
A lobster will catch fish, other crustaceans, and mollusks for their food.
A lobster will commonly store food by burying it on the bottom of the ocean and defending the area much like a dog.
A lobster's age is approximately his weight multiplied by 4, plus 3 years.


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This is our Mascot. The genuine Maine Black Bear!!!
Steaming a Lobster:
Fill pot with 1 inch of water and add a pinch of salt.
Bring water to a boil over high heat.
Add lobsters one at a time, head first. Cover the pot.
Steam 18-20 minutes
Lobsters are done when the outer shell is bright red, when the meat is white, and when the 2 front antennae pull out easily. DO NOT overcook.
Proper Care:
The live Maine Lobster is able to survive a day or two out of the water, IF KEPT COLD. They prefer a temperature around 45 degrees, so your refrigerator is a good place to store them until cooking time. They MUST NOT come in contact with fresh (non-ocean) water or ice. This will kill a Lobster. Remember, just keep them cold.
Place 2-3 inches of water into a large enough kettle, and bring this to a FULL BOIL. Adding salt is optional.
Take each lobster by the back, and plunge it head-first into the pot. You may cook several lobsters at the same time. Cover the pot, and let it go 18 to 20 minutes. In this manner, the lobsters are steamed rather than boiled, keeping in more of the flavor. At this point, the lobster has turned a bright orange/red color, and the antenna should pull out easily.
Remove the lobster(s) from the pot and allow to cool down enough to handle. This delicacy can be served with drawn butter, along with steamed clams corn on the cob, rolls, salad, or what have you. See our placemat for tips on how to eat the Maine Lobster. This is a treat we are sure you will enjoy!!

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