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Welcome to Quad M's Cabin Restaurant!

Welcome to the Quad M's Cabin Restaurant. We are proud to serve our regular customers along with the new! We have been at this location for over 3 years and we are proud to meet all of the fine people who have come in and let us serve them. For all of you not familiar with the Quad M's, we are located in Farmington on Route 4, 1/8 mile before Route 27 to the Sugarloaf turnoff. Also, for people going to the Rangeley area, we are on the left hand side of Route 4.

If you are looking for the finest seafood available, make sure to stop in and let us prepare a meal you will not soon forget! Whether you are looking for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, you will receive friendly and courteous service to make your meal enjoyable. We also have a fine selection of Wine or Beer for you to choose from.

Those of you living in the Farmington area, we are listed in the Big Book Telephone Directory on Page 96. Our full menu is also listed in our ad on the same page. By the way, wondering what Quad M stands for?? We are happy to tell you! Quad M stand for myself, my wife and our two daughters.

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